From Björn:

“I felt that BJÖRN AGAIN were laughing at ABBA by speaking in Swedish accents between songs. But then i spoke to people who went to shows saying that it’s a happy feeling with people enjoying themselves”
Björn Ulvaeus (Times Online Peter Paphides Interview March 2010)

“BJÖRN AGAIN being named after me? It’s pretty cool. Whenever I have to call people back I say ‘It’s Björn again’. Benny hasn’t said he’s jealous but i bet he is!”
Björn Ulvaeus (London: 60 second interview 2009)

“When we split in 1982 i thought that was the end for ABBA …. then BJÖRN AGAIN in the late 1980s …. the first time i heard that i thought it was a very funny name!”
Björn Ulvaeus (Manchester Evening News 2008)

“When ABBA broke up, I assumed our music would fall into oblivion so in the early 90’s with BJÖRN AGAIN becoming popular and when U2 invited Benny and I on stage to sing Dancing Queen, I just assumed we were being sent up. But now I see they were paying tribute to us”
Björn Ulvaeus (Time Out interview Covent Garden 1999)

“I am flattered by everything except for BJÖRN AGAIN’s accents. I hope my accent isn’t as lousy!”
Björn Ulvaeus (Belfast Radio 1992)

“An ABBA revival was inevitable, but BJÖRN AGAIN certainly initiated it.

TELEGRAM: BJORN again! The same AGNETHA (an’ yet a) new version ANDERSSONsational one! CareFRIDA ‘bles (carefree doubles) on tour! The best of luck. It was always my belief that someone who looks like me ought to have a successful career. Kindest Regards Björn Ulvaeus
(Swedish TV2 1990)

“I am a bit offended that BJÖRN AGAIN impersonate us in a dialect that resembles the Swedish chef from the Muppets” – Björn Ulvaeus (Q)


From Benny:

“BJÖRN AGAIN are the closest you can get to seeing ABBA. ABBA will never reform!” – Benny Andersson (Capital Radio, London 1999)

“BJÖRN AGAIN have been going for twice as long as ABBA did!” – Benny Andersson (‘KNOWING MIA, KNOWING YOU’ Craig McLean for The Observer OMM, Mamma Mia Film Interview London 2008)


From Agnetha:

“I saw them in a TV program, it’s very flattering!” – Agnetha Faltskog (Herald / Sun)

“It was a great show. I loved your choreography … it was very true to life…..When do you play your next shows?… Good Luck for the tour” – Agnetha Fältskog (TV3 / TV6 20th Anniversary party STOCKHOLM 2007)


From Anni-Frid:

“I find it funny that you have made a career out of ABBA’s success!” Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Oxford 2007)


From Sticken Anderson:

“They are very good. ABBA will never reform. You will have to see Björn Again!” – Stikkan Anderson (Göteburg TV2 Fredagsexter 1990)

“A band of ABBA’s talent only surfaces once every 10 years … and the next time such a group comes along, they will probably emerge from Australia…” – ABBA’s former Manager, Stikkan Anderson (quoted in 1978 – ironically 10 years before BJÖRN AGAIN emerged from Australia)


“Thanks for the great show guys”

Kylie Minogue (New Years Eve 2006)

© Getty Images

“Björn Again – the IKEA of Live Music, It’s my kind of music”
Dame Edna Everage

(Night of a thousand faces ITV 2001 with Alistair McGowan, Russ Abbot, Ronni Ancona, Rory Bremner, Steve Coogan, Jon Culshaw, Les Dennis, Harry Enfield, Dawn French, Anne Robinson, Johnny Vegas, Barbara Windsor, Michael Winner, Mike Yarwood)

Photo © Getty Images

“I just love them – who doesn’t? When Björn Again opened for Nirvana at the Reading festival they stole the show and got the best response of the day – everyone went berserk”Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters / Nirvana

“..Thanks for the new Björn Again T-Shirts Rod – I’ll….er… add them to my collection… “Dave Grohl (Backstage at Lowlands Festival 2003)

“We saw Bjorn Again playing in Melbourne in 1992. They were so damn good! We had a great time. They opened for us at the Reading Festival and the audience went wild. People knew all the lyrics and sang along. Björn Again stole the show.”Dave Grohl (Tore S Börjesson interview Stockholm 1999)

“You must have been cool once – you managed Suede and were in a band. Do you miss the music biz? – When I was Entertainments Manager at the University of London Union, I booked Björn Again. The next year a couple of the singers had changed. I said to myself “That’s not the real Björn Again” and realised I’d been in the job too long!”
Ricky Gervais (Ian Woodward NOTW interview 2005)

“You were great – it was tremendous. Thank you very much”
Rowan Atkinson – (2000 Millenium NYE party)

“A wonderful evening in this magnificent setting dancing to Björn Again”
J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter Author (2006 MS Charity Ball – Stirling Castle)

“Absolutely Brilliant”
Robert Plant – Led Zepplin (1997 Hong Kong Handover)

“Björn Again are Wonderful! Uncanny! Amazing! They look and sound exactly like ABBA”
Kurt Cobain – Nirvana (1994 Vancouver)

“Having the power to insist on bringing Björn Again to the Reading Festival was one of the few really important things that I’ve been blessed with since becoming an untouchable boy genius “
Kurt Cobain – Nirvana (1992 Incesticide liner notes)

“Fantastic….Great. I recommend people should go and see them!”
Tom Jones (Guest at Shepherd’s Bush Empire London 1998)

“That’s amazing !!! …. Are you really using my version Of ABBA’s ARRIVAL Instrumental for Björn Again’s walk on music ? I recorded that for a Hovis Bread commercial but they decided not to use it so i put it on my QE2 LP”
Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells Creator (Liverpool Docks 1992 Green room of Richard and Judy TV show)

“I find Björn Again inspirational”
Michael Stipe – REM

“I heard how you guys had done really well over in the UK”
Neil Finn – Split Enz – Crowded House (Melbourne 1992)

“I’m really proud of you guys for what you have achieved”
John Farnham (Backstage – Norway 1998)

“Great. Loved it. Love those platform shoes and costumes!”
Sarah Ferguson – Duchess of York (Backstage – Late show Dublin 1996)

“I thought Björn (Ulvaeus) had got the band back together again”
Mick Hucknall – Simply Red (Melbourne 1991)

“A sensual uplifting experience – but not enough Pyro !”
Metallica Band & Crew (Birmingham 1996)

“I love ABBA and now i love Björn Again who i often run into on the university circuit. They make me laugh – speaking in those ‘Swedish’ accents then coming off stage saying “ello tone – ow are ya mate?!”
Tony Blackburn DJ and winner of “I Am A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here”

“I think BJÖRN AGAIN are the greatest thing !”
Danny Bonaduce – Partridge Family & Chicago DJ / talk show host (1995)

“Unbelievable !”
EMF (London’s Marquee Club – 1992)

“Great Show. Excellent !”
David Beckham (Spiceworld – Wembley Stadium 1998)

“I had the best time at the Björn Again open air concert in Marbella last night – brilliant! I also knew all the words to every song!”

“A really fun night out and the perfect end to another cracking time in the Spanish sun!”

“Great! Fantastic! I can see why you guys are so popular all around the world”
Colin Montgomerie (Private Party 1998)

“Björn Again have that dimension whereby once you’ve seen them then that’s it – they fill the place. It’s a matter of getting the balance right”
John Peel – Legendary DJ (1993)

“A highlight of my career as a Queen Impersonator was being hired to dance at the Royal Albert Hall in the royal box whilst Björn Again performed Dancing Queen”
Jeanette Charles – HRH impersonator (2007)

“Björn Again are brilliant”
Des Lynam – Godfather of British Sport (2007 London)

“Björn Again …… that’s a great name for a band !!!!”
Sue Barker – Godmother of British Sport (2007 Wimbledon – Jimmy Connors had been commenting that Federer’s 5th consecutive title was like seeing Björn (Borg) again!!)

“I loved the Rap you did in ‘Take A Chance On Me’ – it was very funny!”
Chris Tarrant – Belfast Lord Taverners Waterloo Charity Ball 2012

“Tony Blair is to Margaret Thatcher what Björn Again are to ABBA”
Michael Portillo – then Conservative Party MP speaking at the Party Conference Bournemouth UK (1998 – as reported in the Guardian)

“Björn Again are the number one ABBA tribute band in the world!! “
Pat Kenny – Ireland’s Late Late show host (2007)

“Without a doubt Kirsty Maccoll is one of the most talented, prolific, underrated writers in British pop. A loose cannon and gutsy, anti establishment, red-haired diva. Sorely missed and never forgotten. I Had the honor of washing the lady’s hair in the toilets after a Björn Again concert (she did backing vocals for Frida on There’s Something Going On)”
Andy Bell (Erasure) BBC Radio2 Website “Tracks of my years”

“…. this car is great but it isn’t quite the real thing !! …. it feels a bit like comparing Björn Again to ABBA !!”
James May (Top Gear) BBC 2008

“Having Björn Again at the Rock with Laughter show is like having ABBA on stage ….. (except they come from West Bromwich!)”

Lenny Henry (Rock with Laughter media launch) NIA 2010

“…and Björn Again is a tribute to ABBA !”
Anne Robinson (The Weakest Link) BBC 2007

“How is it that you can manage to play in so many places at the same time? Björn Again is a better idea than anything I ever came up with!”
Francis Rossi (Status Quo) Glastonbury Abbey 2009

“Here with a medley of ABBA classics is the brilliant Björn Again”
Stephen Mulhern – ITV Magic Numbers 2010

“Hola. Thank you so much for having me singing with Björn Again. Let me know when you are around. I would love to see you guys play again. Big besos for you and your family XXX”
Ruth Lorenzo – 2010

“Ladies and Gentlemen …….. Björn Again”
JASON MANFORD London (2010) Comedian

“Brilliant gig. I can’t thank you enough. It was a great night and you got them all on the dance floor!”
Gordon Ramsay – Gala Dinner for Spina Bifida Association 2009

“Ah yes….Björn Again….we (BBC) just can’t seem to get rid of you lot can we? ABBA is still really popular with the Proms Audience”
Sir TERRY WOGAN backstage BBC Hyde Park Proms 2010


“When Kylie’s support band BJÖRN AGAIN asked the audience ‘Have we got any Dancing Queens in tonight?’ The response was predictable given the number of pink spangly stetson hats being worn …. 4 out of 5 stars Kylie … a lovely way to slide from 2006 to 2007 “
Guardian, UK

“BJÖRN AGAIN are now so successful that they will have a tribute band of their own soon. They could call it, for example, Abba”
Guardian, UK

“From the note-perfect vocals to the faux-Swedish accents and sequined duds, Björn Again are Fabulously flawless”
Rolling Stone , USA

“May be the most entertaining live rock show in the world today”
Time Out, New York, USA

“If ABBA reformed they wouldn’t be as much fun as Björn Again”
Q Magazine, UK

The Sun, UK

“If you have blonde hair and are considering a moustache, it would only be acceptable if you were auditioning for Björn Again, I guess!!!!”
Hadley Freeman, Fashion Editor, The Guardian

The Daily Yomiuri, Tokyo, Japan

“The pop experience of the year”
Hot Press, Dublin

ABBA’s Millions, BBC Television

“BJÖRN AGAIN are phenomenal in every sense of the word and are the best night out in London. Catch them before they become too big for Wembley Arena”
Stage and Television, UK (1991)

“Next journalist who comes up to me to do another Björn Again story gets it in the throat.”
NME / Melody Maker

“Kurt Cobain insisted Björn Again be added to the Reading bill.They were a massive hit – 50,000 angsty kids got down to Dancing Queen and a phenomenon was born.”
Dominic Utton, Daily Express

Idling on the Heath about evening, tossing a cricket ball in the dying light as the sounds of Bjorn Again, polite chatter and the tinkling of champagne flutes drifts up over the hill was one of the most delightful free nights out in London.
Richard Godwin, Evening standard –

“This ersatz band are fine entertainers, with just enough self-mockery to mix with their impeccable musicianship, and create an atmosphere like a giant aerobics class, as they ecourage the packed audience to make the same movements the girls do. So you have York’s most macho men twirling their little fingers round as they sing all the words to Ring Ring and hundreds waving their arms in the air to anthems like “Thank you for the music”
Eric Roberts – The Yorkshire Post

“Björn Again are so good that it’s no surprise that ABBA have not considered reforming.”
Guernsey Press, UK

“The Imposters from the land of Fosters held the crowd in the palm of their hands.”
Western Daily Press, UK

“What other band’s music – other than perhaps the Beatles – can still attract such a diverse audience, from children to students to hen parties to pensioners? ABBA-mania is still going strong – and nobody does it better than Bjorn Again.”

“Crowd reaction and participation are nothing less than electric “
What’s On, London (1991)

“Björn Again performed with a knowing irreverence that concentrated as much on intra-band relationships as songs and dance moves. With a show that was as much about entertainment as musicianship, opening up the idea that people are more interested in fun than revival.”
Chris Mugan – The Independent 2005

“ABBA-solutely Brilliant!”
Evening Press, Dublin

“Björn Again treated the packed Old Trafford House to a rendition of Dancing Queen.”
Yorkshire Post

“When the band leave the stage the disappointment is almost heartbreaking.”
The European


“This is a picture of our annual staff night out to see Björn Again at the Armadillo in Glasgow (5th year running). We are big, big fans and would love to see our picture on your website. Thank you for the music. Lots of love.”
Staff at Kwik-fit Insurance Services

“I have followed the Björn Again religion for 7 years now and they seem to get better and better every time I see them!! This lot are amazing. They have unlimited energy on stage which gets the crowd up dancing and singing and always wanting more!! You know they are the Best when you see other ABBA tribute bands copying Björn Again!!”

Luv Björn Again’s Biggest Fan – PETER BROWN

“Hi, I would just like to give my utter congratulations to the best live music act I’ve ever witnessed! I’ve seen bands from Def Leppard to Texas but I’ve never been so entertained in all my life, it was like losing your family when Bjorn Again left the stage. All I hope is that I’m able to make some of your future UK dates, and I’ll certainly keep my eye out for you playing again at G-A-Y / London Astoria. I’m a very noticeable and tall transsexual.Very best wishes. Alison Dale

“I’ve now been following Bjorn Again for 6 years. Normally I come a couple of times a year to watch the show. I have to say I love the new look website and I love the car, I’d drive one of those without a doubt. So if ever you need anymore advertising send one my way and I’ll drive it around for you. I do tell everyone about my love for Bjorn Again all the time.”
Gayle Shaw

“We took our children(2 boys : 9 and 6 years old) to your concert in the Magdalena Zaal in Bruges. It was a great experience for them and we really enjoyed the evening! We had seen your band before in Bruges about 5 years ago at the Klinkers festival and it was as fabulous as last time! Thanks, greetings.”
Nico Decloedt

“Last week we watched Bjorn Again in Hasselt. I’ve been a great fan of Abba aver since I was 6 and my whole life I’ve regretted the fact that I’ve never been able to see them on stage (since I was too young). So I was very glad to get the chance to watch Bjorn Again perform, and I have to say : it was great ! I knew they were good, but they were even better as I expected ! I had a great night, and my friends thought the same.Thank you Bjorn Again, to give me the illusion of seeing Abba on stage!”
Kristine Debacker

“I was yesterday at the Melkweg, to see Bjorn again. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a fantastic evening, just great, amazing!! Thanks to let ABBA be born again.This evening was really exceptional and unforgetable. It was wonderful to be part of the concert. My word are not strong enought to explain how happy i was, and, i’m sure, like everyone who was in there. Would you be able to let me know when they will be playing again in Amsterdam or in the surrounding area? I will feel sorry if i miss them.With kind regards.”
Sandrine Neri

“I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying Bjorn Again here at Epcot. My wife and I live in Orlando and are planning to see the band several times while they are here. They are simply one of the best acts we’ve seen at Disney — and clearly the best tribute band. We saw them last year, and were very impressed. We made a point of finding out if and when they might appear here again, and were elated to learn of the July 2007 booking. We hope Disney keeps inviting Bjorn Again back — again and again.”
Sincerely – Gus Campana