ABBA / BJÖRN AGAIN – Chronology



BENNY from The HEPSTARS and BJÖRN from The HOOTENANNY Singers meet and write first song “Isn’t it easy to say”.


FRIDA wins a talent contest on Swedish TV and a recording contract with EMI. AGNETHA gets signed to Cupol Records.


AGNETHA has her first hit single “Jag Var Sa Kar”.


AGNETHA and BJÖRN meet on a TV show. BENNY and FRIDA Meet in a night club. GÖREL HANSER gets a job at POLAR Music as ABBA’s Manager STIKKAN “STIG” ANDERSON’s Secretary.


AGNETHA and FRIDA sing backing vocals for BENNY ands BJÖRN at a Gothenburg Restaurant show under the name FESTFOLK (meaning engaged couples) and they sing on the boys album ‘LYCKA’ with the first single featuring all 4 called “Hej Gamle Man”.


AGNETHA and BJÖRN marry. BENNY and BJÖRN become producers and partners at POLAR music with STIG but there are no plans for a group at this stage.


“PEOPLE NEED LOVE” released under the name BJÖRN and BENNY, AGNETHA and ANNI-FRID.

ABBA Era Starts


“RING RING” despite contribution from Neil Sedaka and Phil Cody misses the pre-selection for Eurovision but is a hit in Sweden. STIG is credited with devising the band name ABBA after coming to an arrangement with a Swedish canned fish company of the same name. STIG is also credited with reshuffling the band so that the girls were the focal point on stage. He also inspired the fledgling ABBA to sing in English in order to appeal to a wider market.


ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton with “Waterloo” which goes to number 1 in many countries.“Waterloo”the album released worldwide. ABBA begin a Scandinavian and European tour.


Singles “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”, “SOS” & “Mamma Mia” are released along with “ABBA” the Album.


ABBA have a run of number 1 albums – “Greatest Hits” and “Arrival”. TV specials include “ABBA in Australia, “ABBA Musikladen, “ABBA DABBA DO” and “ABBA in Poland. “Dancing Queen” is performed at the Royal Gala, Sweden. “FERNANDO” (co-written with STIG) spends 14 weeks at the top of the AUSTRALIAN Charts.

In a vox-pop Interview with GREG EVANS for a Channel 10 ABBA television special, then teenager Rod comments “I am not a big fan of ABBA’s music but I really fancy the two girls !!”


ABBA embark on European and Australian Tours. Two Royal Albert Hall shows in London attract 3.5 million ticket enquiries.“Dancing Queen becomes ABBA’s first & only no. 1 in the USA singles chart.


“ABBA The Album” is released and ABBA The Movie becomes a big cinema hit. ABBA’s own Polar Recording Studios Open. BENNY and FRIDA marry after a nine year engagement.


ABBA donate their single “Chiquitita” to U.N.I.C.E.F and perform the song in a TV special for the Year of the child. The Spanish version of “Chiquitita” is a major smash in Mexico selling over 1 million copies. The disco orientated album “Voulez Vous becomes another number 1 in many countries and is later followed by “Greatest Hits Vol. 2”. AGNETHA and BJÖRN divorce. ABBA begin their last tour of Europe, USA and Canada.


ABBA tour in Japan. “The Winner Takes It All” and “Super Trouper” the album is released.


BJÖRN marries Lena Kallesjo. FRIDA and BENNY divorce. “The Visitors is the last studio album that ABBA record. BENNY marries Mona Norklit.


ABBA celebrate their 10th Anniversary. The double album “ABBA The Singles – The First Ten Years” is released. FRIDA releases her first English solo album “Something’s Going On produced by Phil Collins. BENNY and BJÖRN collaborate with lyricist Tim Rice.

ABBA Era Ends


“Thank You for the Music” – seen to be a fitting song to sum up an era dominated by the “super-swedes” is released. ABBA unofficially break up having achieved so much in their ten years but ironically having toured for only a total of 10 months, performing 160 live shows in 16 countries. AGNETHA releases her “Wrap Your Arms Around Me” album.



CHESS the musical is released with the hit songs “One Night In Bangkok” and “I Know Him So Well”. FRIDA releases “Shine” album.


AGNETHA releases her “Eyes Of A Woman” album. BENNY and BJÖRN produce “Gemini” album.


BJÖRN and BENNY, AGNETHA and FRIDA perform together on Swedish TV for the last time paying tribute to manager “STIG” ANDERSON. “CHESS” becomes a hit musical in London’s West End, Australia and the USA. “ABBA Live” LP released but not in the UK due to copyright problems.


AGNETHA releases her “I Stand Alone “ album. BENNY releases his “Klinga Mina Klockor” album.

ABBA’s music is now generally considered to be a universally forgotten part of 1970’s pop history as the 1980’s new wave of music continues to eclipse the previous decades.



In search of something entertaining, new and refreshing for a then arguably stale Melbourne Music and Fashion scene Rod literally dives into the back of his wardrobe uncovering some old flared trousers and platform shoes and later starts listening to 1970 ‘s LP albums of various bands, most notably … ABBA … Then a virtual lightning bolt struck … it had to be……BJÖRN AGAIN is conceived by Rod in Melbourne Australia. The remainder of this year is spent formulating theatrical ideas for the show, auditioning and rehearsing the music and stageshow of what was to be a new revolution in the music industry……..Nostalgia and Revival became the new Buzz words….

“Absolute ABBA” is released on Telstar and flops only reaching no. 70 in the UK Charts.


BJÖRN AGAIN performs its first sellout shows and after a change of some more cast members go on to tour throughout Australia. Several National TV Shows feature BJÖRN AGAIN as a cult and document the resurgence in popularity of both ABBA’s music and 70’s Fashion.


BJÖRN AGAIN continues to tour extensively around Australia becoming a household name in every state. Later this year BJÖRN AGAIN embarks on it’s very first international tour to SWEDEN.


BJÖRN AGAIN maintain a hectic touring schedule and is invited on the “JOHNATHON ROSS Show” then go on to tour throughout the UNITED KINGDOM. BJÖRN AGAIN is invited to perform 4 songs on National TV SWEDEN as part of the promotion for the soon to be released ABBA GOLD (the first time ABBA’s hits have been on CD)


BJÖRN AGAIN undertakes a gruelling UK, European and Scandinavian tour taking in most countries. ERASURE release “ABBA-esque” an EP of ABBA’s hits. BJÖRN AGAIN answer back with a cover of Erasure’s “A Little Respect” reaching no. 25 in the chart (unfortunately it may well have achieved a higher position had it been recorded more professionally). The ABBA Revival is now in full swing! BJÖRN AGAIN performs at the Reading Festival at Nirvana’s request then go on to sell out seven consecutive shows (a total of 15,000 tickets) at London’s Town and Country Club (now the Forum)

“ABBA Gold Greatest Hits” is released and becomes a massive no. 1 worldwide. BJÖRN and BENNY perform Dancing Queen with U2 in Stockholm. FRIDA marries German Prince Ruzzo Reuss von Plauen.


BJÖRN AGAIN is voted by a students poll as being the best act playing on the UK university circuit (quite an honour given the great number of worthy bands) BJÖRN AGAIN performs to a full house at the Royal Albert Hall in London (15 years after ABBA sell out shows at the same venue)

BJÖRN AGAIN continue to record a variety of ill-conceived, low production standard albums and singles for Michael Levy’s failing M&G record company. Fortunately these errors in judgement are deemed as only temporary setbacks for the BJÖRN AGAIN brand.


Director P.J. Hogan asks BJÖRN AGAIN to promote Muriel’s wedding at Cannes Film Festival by performing at the Carlton Hotel Beach. Björn Again play to its biggest ever audience of 300,000 at London’s Gay Pride at Brockwell Pk before embarking on the first tour of Nth America. BJÖRN AGAIN perform on “Night of the Proms” in Antwerp with TOTO and Paul Young.

Björn Again creates history when, as part of the Prince of Wales Trust Variety Concert, a performance of “Take a Chance On Me” live with each cast member in different landmark locations around London is achieved – only possible with fibre optics – a feat acknowledged by The Guinness Book of Records.

ABBA’s four CD box set “Thank You For The Music” is released.


BJÖRN AGAIN notches up 1,000 performances and continue to tour comprehensively throughout Australia, Nth America and UK / EUROPE.

BJÖRN and BENNY celebrate the launch of their popular musical “Kristina från Duvemåla”.


BJÖRN AGAIN is rested for a 6 month break. Several new cast members are brought in for what is seen to be the start of a new era for the brand. Later that year BJÖRN AGAIN embarks on a comprehensive UK Theatre tour.

FRIDA releases her “Djupa Andetag” album – A No. 1 in Sweden.


BJÖRN AGAIN embarks on a 125 date round-the-world tour starting in London then Nth America from Coast to coast / over to Hong Kong for the Handover ceremony. Then Japan to Europe and Ireland and finally to finish off the year with a 3 month tour of the UK.

ABBA’s Manager Stig Anderson dies of a heart attack aged 66. GÖREL HANSER becomes BJÖRN and BENNY’s personal manager.


BJÖRN AGAIN’s 10th anniversary is celebrated in style with a sell out performance at the Royal Albert Hall. The show was recorded on Video and CD. BJÖRN AGAIN does some shows with CSE for the forces in Cyprus, Bosnia and the Falklands and at the Johnny Walker Golf Classic in Phuket. BJÖRN AGAIN perform at the AMSTERDAM GAY GAMES.

In August BJÖRN AGAIN support the Spice Girls at Don Valley and Wembley Stadia before embarking on another UK tour including 5 successive sell out shows at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire (a total of 10,000 tickets sold).


BJÖRN AGAIN is the opening act at the Glastonbury Festival then go on to film a fly-on-the-wall Channel 5 documentary entitled ABBA – BJÖRN AGAIN which includes a cameo role by Sir CLIFF RICHARD. The documentary was viewed by 1.2 million people and was nominated for the coveted Golden Rose of Montreux award. BJÖRN AGAIN is invited by Mr Fayed to Celebrate Harrod’s 150th birthday.

BJÖRN AGAIN has 3 Millenium new years eve shows in the UK including Rohan (Mr Bean) Aktinson’s private party at his Oxfordshire house together with a show in Newcastle and a huge street party in Belfast to see in the new year and the new millenium.

MAMMA MIA opens in London’s west end and becomes an instant hit. ABBA sing together for the first time in years for GÖREL HANSER’s birthday party.


BJÖRN AGAIN respond to international demand and embark on 3 simultaneous tours of UK / EUROPE and Nth AMERICA including several performances at Arenas throughout the UK as well as performing at many European / UK Festivals including Switzerland’s “Out in the Green” and “V 2000”. The band play the Formula one drivers ball in Monaco and at the Y2K World Millenium Concert in Mumbai.

BJÖRN AGAIN is invited to appear at the launch of the new CCTV (Chinese TV channel) in Beijing. The performance was seen by an estimated audience of one billion people worldwide.

BJÖRN AGAIN notches up 2,000 performances in 12 years.


BJÖRN AGAIN awarded for being in the top 50 “Most beautiful Australian exports and are declared by BRW as being the tenth top entertainment acts alongside Kylie / AC/DC and Russell Crowe.” Performances at London Kew Gardens Summer Swing festival and at Old Trafford for the England v Sweden Friendly Football Match along with major UK / European and Nth American tours. BJÖRN AGAIN sees out the new year with a show at the Millenium Dome.


BJÖRN AGAIN start the year off with a corporate show at longleat for drugs company Pfizer and after a succesful Dutch and Belgian tour there were two performances in fave holiday location…The Cayman Islands. The month of May proves to be one of the busiest and most stressful months in BJÖRN AGAIN’s history with Major tours and many corporate shows (an amazing 53 shows in total in one month). The hectic shedule continues throughout the autumn with concurrent UK, Irish and Nth American tours.


BJÖRN – The new trademark brand which encompasses UK / European and Nth American territories is initiated.

BJÖRN AGAIN is invited to appear with SHANIA TWAIN to Play at Hyde Park and also to perform at Hampstead’s Kenwood House. BJÖRN AGAIN undergoes many new changes heralding in an exciting third era for the brand. The band play at many exciting places such as Rockingham Racetrack, Cardiff Arena with The Sugababes, Birmingham Botanical gardens with the Bootleg Beatles, Nottingham Clumber Park, Henley Royal Regatta, CHICHESTER, Rowlands Castle, headlining in Stockholm, Ulriksdal and at Alton Towers with Status Quo Esher Claremount Estate, Belgium’s Suikerrock Festival, Essex – Audley End, Collarado’s Beaver Creek Festival, Les Fetes du Geneve, Spain’s Parke del Nautico Festival, Twickenham’s Marble Hill, Brighton Pier (not for a show – just went for some fish ‘n’ chips), Holland’s Lowlands Festival with Stereophonics and Foofighters , ALASKA Palmer State Fair. In the Autumn BJÖRN AGAIN undertake a two month UK tour called Two Men Two Women featuring songs off ABBA the Album.


BJÖRN AGAIN start the year off with a Swiss tour before heading off on a European tour suporting Shania Twain (üP!) In the early summer the band supports CHER on her final farewell tour as well as playing LUZERNE Golden Rose, DAUWPOP, TONSBERG, BERLINOVA, KEW GARDENS, SAMSOE, CALKE ABBEY, CALGARY STAMPEDE, LEICHTENSTEIN VADUZ, LINCOLN CASTLE, BATTLE ABBEY, BOERENROCK, MANCHESTER PRIDE and LONDON’s Hyde Park PROMS Festivals. BJÖRN AGAIN notches up 3,000 performances in 16 years. There are two Irish tours and a Nth American tours before finishing the year off with the “Home Swede Home tour” which featured an actual IKEA style house on stage complete with two garden gnomes. NYE shows in California, UK and Dublin.

MAMMA MIA the musical celebrates it’s 5th year anniversary.


The year started off with an Irish and Swiss tour and a run of shows for BOOTS No. 7 cosmetics and an American tour. In march the video BJÖRN AGAIN live at the Royal Albert Hall was used at the opening of Belgium’s IKEA store in Anderlecht much to the delight of thousands of shoppers.

The summer started off with a show in the CAYMAN islands to benefit the victims of Hurricane Ivan. The band played TUNBRIDGE WELLS, Eridge Pk, VADUZ, CARDIFF Millenium Stadium Bike Grand Prix, LONDON Hyde Pk Moonwalk, ALTHORPE Pk, BELGIUM GENK, ISRAEL’s HAIFA SEAPORT, LONDON Trafalgar Sqr PRIDE, ALTON Towers and OXEGEN with Greenday and a special televsion performance with Zoe Ball’s “Faking It” Ex-Blue Peter presenters Peter Duncan, Janet Ellis, Stuart Miles and Romana D’Annunzio. The year ends with American and Irish tours as well as the very popular UK “On the Beach” tour. NYE was celebrated with shows in both Portugal and Ireland.


BJÖRN AGAIN started the year off with a Swiss tour which included another trip to Arosa in the alps.

In March we played at J.K. Rowling’s MS Charity Ball and at the Natural History Museum for the GMTV ARIEL Fashion awards. The Nth American band played several dates whilst the UK band ventured to Russia for a private function and Dubai for Landmark wines then on to the Excel Centre for Lloyd’s Bank and back to Dubai for the Fujitsu conference at Jumeirah Beach (by now everyone is getting tired of 5 star hotels and sandy beach resorts……not!!!!)

The first ever UK Summer tour went very well and afforded everyone a top-up-tan throughout. At this time the US band played a run of 48 consecutive shows at Disney Orlando. Onto Kenwood house for the UK band for another sellout open air event. In the Fall the Nth American troupe played concerts throughout America to rave reviews.

In Europe the band played a very successful run of shows in Belgium. A quick trip to Barbados for a wedding show before the hugely successful “Taking the Piste UK tour”.

The year was rounded off with a run of shows at the Birmingham NEC with Jasper Carrott and NYE was at Wembley with Kylie Minogue (Ho hum…another day another dollar!!!).


BJÖRN AGAIN started the year off with a Swiss tour which included yet another trip to Arosa and a show for Toyota in Norway. A couple of shows at Niagara Falls were followed by a performance on Ireland’s “Late Late Show”.

In the late spring there were shows at Murrayfield and Birmingham and Zürich Pride. Corporate shows for AGFA in Manchester, Landmark Wines in Stockholm, Daimler-Chrysler in Germany, Globus in Zürich and birthday parties in Lisbon and Kensington.

The summer was packed with great events at Kew Gardens, York Racecourse, RAF Lyneham, a wedding at Claridges, IOW for Dame Ellen McArthur Trust, Tuscany Pride, 30 performances at Disney Florida, TV Star in Zürich and private parties in Slovakia.

In October the band played at Old Trafford for the Super League final and the North American band played Canadian shows in British Columbia and Alberta.

The highlight of the year (undoubtedly the greatest highlight in the history of Björn Again) is performing for and meeting with Agnetha Faltskog at Stockholm’s TV3 party – what a great night that was!!

The year finished on a high note with the first leg of the 19th (very nearly 20th) Anniversary Tour. NYE at Moscow’s B! Maximum.


BJÖRN AGAIN started the year off with sellout shows at Casino Rama in Canada and yet another show at Arosa in Switzerland during February / March was 19th (very nearly 20th) Anniversary Tour.

A couple of shows in Scotland for Gaynor and Monty’s wedding and Anthony Nolan Charity on Arran. BELGIUM NEERPELT, ABERYSTWYTH Uni, HARLINGEN FRISIAN HARBOUR DAY, ISLE of WIGHT Festival, AYR & YORK Racecourse, ORLANDO DISNEYLAND, LIVERPOOL Summerpops with SUGABABES, SILVERSTONE BRDC F1 Ball, LONDON V&A Museum, SAFFRON WALDEN Carnival Dance, BELGIUM DOUR Festival, LEICESTER Kilworth House, HENLEY Stonor Park, CHESHIRE Tatton Park, CADIZ San Roque, ABERDEEN Oil Barons Ball, ALGARVE, Vale De Lobo, GRANTHAM, Belvoir Castle, MANCHESTER Pride, LINCOLN CASTLE, NEWHAM Under the Stars, STRATHCLYDE Retrofest with The Bangles, 10CC, Peter Andre, Kim Wilde, Nik Kershaw and the Christians.

The 20th Anniversary shows sold out at GLASGOW, Clyde Auditorium and LONDON, Hammersmith Apollo with very special guests ‘The Original Buck’s Fizz’ together with host ‘Pat Sharp’ with ‘Tony Blackburn’ on tape.

BJÖRN AGAIN is recognized by PRS in MUSIC WEEK as being the hardest working show in the UK for 2008.
MAMMA MIA is released in the summer becoming the highest ever grossing UK film. ABBA GOLD is Back into No. 1 position in the Charts. ABBA members reunite for MAMMA MIA Stockholm Premiere.


The BJÖRN AGAIN show starts the year off with corporate shows throughout Europe and a newsworthy private show for Vladmir Putin in Russia before embarking on the 20th Anniversary Tours of Switzerland and UK.

The Spring saw concerts at Jeremy Joseph’s London Club G.A.Y. and ZÜRICH’s TUNNELFEST as well as a few North American Corporate dates.

The summer was the busiest in a long time with a sold out extension of the 20th Anniversary UK Tour and loads of festivals including GLASTONBURY, LONDON HARD ROCK Calling (BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN) Aftershow, TURNHOUT Vrij-Dagen, KEW GARDENS Summer Swing, T in the PARK, DUDELANGE Summerstage, MADSTOCK (Victoria Park), South SHIELDS Bent Park, CANNES – Martinez On the Beach, OSTERLEY and EDINBURGH Skyfest, NORWAY STORAS, SWISS ZOFINGEN, PORTIMAO – ROCKONE, GLASTONBURY ABBEY (With STATUS QUO), KNEBWORTH – SONISPHERE (With METALLICA), V FESTIVAL (Weston Pk, Chelmsford) SWISS ARBON Summerdays (With DEEP PURPLE) LINCOLN CASTLE – Midsummer Magic, ISLE of WIGHT – BESTIVAL and Racecourse events at LEOPARDSTOWN, EPSOM, ASCOT, NEWBURY and HAMILTON.

The BJÖRN AGAIN show performed at many corporate events in Nth America as well as a run at the CASINO RAM in Ontario. A 25 Date DUTCH Tour was followed by a Corporate at Glasgows Science Centre for Gordon Ramsay’s Spina Bifida Gala Dinner.

In the Autumn there were some great corporate events for I-Soft, Stena Oil, Thomas Cook, Next and a private event for an American Billionaire with The EAGLES.

“ABBA Merry Christmas” was celebrated at The GLASGOW Concert Hall. NYE was in St PETERSBURG on The Flying Dutch Boat.

MAMMA MIA Musical 10th Anniversary is celebrated.


BJÖRN AGAIN starts the new decade off with corporate shows in Russia and in Bratislava for the President and Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic.

The BJÖRN AGAIN show did a 50 date UK tour Called “HERE WE GO AGAIN”. The idea behind this tour was to celebrate the previous 20 years of Björn in the Northern Hemisphere and to look forward to the next 20 years. The concept of this show was to respond to the success of Mamma Mia the film by picking up on parts of the theme and content.

After the tour was a mixed bag of corporate shows for PERNOD RICARD, WÜRTH and BLATCHFORD, Some Weddings, some STATELY HOMES Including KILWORTH and WISTON HOUSE and BURGHLEY, WADDESDON, KEW GARDENS with special guests The Original Bucks Fizz. AINTREE racecourse.

ABBA is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The BJÖRN AGAIN show did a very successful 3 week tour in March 2011 Called “The Björn Again Show on Spring Break” followed by shows in North Devon, Stamford and Kent. A wedding in Sweden and corporate shows in Europe.

Other shows in the summer included a charity for Help4Heroes at Wingbury Farm. AUDLEY END, KILWORTH House, LINCOLN, Midsummer and a Corporate event for Microsoft in Reading.

A big Highlight was performing at the TALL SHIPS event in Lerwick in the Shetland Isles.

The busy Summer continued with shows at CHATSWORTH House and HAMPTON Court and WICKSTEED House with several private shows in Switzerland and a Wedding in Toulouse.

October was also busy with a sellout show to 3,500 people in Abu Dhabi at ADNEC and private shows at the Rosebowl in Southampton and a wedding at Claridges with Michael McIntire & Anton Du Beke (Strictly).


The BJÖRN AGAIN show starts the year with a huge Corporate event for ETIHAD Airways in Abu Dhabi.

In March was a 3 week tour with Hilarious “Britain’s Got Talent” Finalists Stavros Flatley.

Back to Abu Dhabi in April to celebrate Russian Billionaire Leonid Fedun’s birthday.

In May it was a show at SOUTHAMPTON FC on the pitch to celebrate their promotion to the Premier

League. Various private events followed including IMEX Gala in Frankfurt, Waterloo Ball in Belfast, Openwork in Mauritius, Birmingham Pride and Victoria Pk in Bath for the Huge Queen’s Jubilee Party.

Summer shows included such Highlights as Ludlow Castle, OLYMPIC TORCH Festival in Salisbury, Guilfest, Wollaton Splendour, Kilworth House, Rochester Castle supporting STEPS reunion, Falmouth Regatta, Manchester Pride, Swindon Bowl and BBC HYDE Park Proms.

The year was seen out with another show at ADNEC in ABU DHABI, ROYAL VARIETY aftershow at HILTON, MYLOR sessions, GENEVA MAD and to top it off – the biggest ever highlight BUCKINGHAM PALACE Christmas Party – Wow!!


The first few months saw corporate events in Moscow, Switzerland and London including Valentines Day at the prestigious Dover St Arts Club. A show for the BBC in Liverpool was followed by a private event in exclusive Belgravia at Mossmans.

The Spring saw a fundraiser at New Orleans, Audubon Zoo, Fete Cantonale in Swiss, Bodyshop awards in Battersea and another huge highlight supporting Agnetha Fältskog at Heaven G-A-Y with Jeremy Joseph.

Some shows in Dubai and at Hampton Court Palace followed by Ascot and Leicester Racecourses and CARFEST