The Australian Björn Again show has amassed over 5,300 shows in 72 countries in 32 years. Rod had previously been working in metallurgical research when at the age of 29 and inspired by legendary New Zealand band Split Enz’s musicianship and theatrics opted for a career change to create a new concept by revisiting the music and fashion of the 1970’s.

Rod had originally considered basing a nostalgic show on one of three all time top bands, The Beatles, Queen and ABBA but believing that the latter globally encapsulated all that was good (and maybe some not so good?) about the 1970s decided ABBA was ideal to focus his efforts on. After countless auditions and months of rehearsals and studying music and videos all Rod then needed was to devise a great show format to go with the name…and then the BJÖRN AGAIN show was ready to rock and roll !!!

Having been acknowledged by BJÖRN ULVAEUS as being the show that single-handedly initiated the ABBA revival in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the BJÖRN AGAIN show is hailed as the most popular and successful show of its type.



“Thanks very much for your interest in the Björn Again show. What started out as a slightly crazy idea in 1988 just took off like a skyrocket everywhere around the world. I am in my 39th year in the music industry and still really enjoy my work as well as playing on stage. I get a buzz when I see the audience having such a great time. I do hope the Björn Again show will keep on going for many more years. As long as everyone enjoys seeing ABBA’s songs performed the Björn Again way…I think it definitely will.”