Rod…what inspired you to create Björn Again?

“As a teenager in the 1970s I drew inspiration from the fantastic New Zealand band ‘SPLIT ENZ’ (pictured left). In the 1980s I dreamed of creating new musical concepts for the Melbourne music scene bearing Split Enz’s theatrical and musical qualities in mind.

Having been involved with various unsuccessful original and cover music projects I progressed to thinking a satirical show based on ABBA would be a new, exciting and fun thing to do given their music had all but fallen into oblivion. ABBA, with “Swenglish” accents and Iconic 1970s style and relationship issues offered in my view, great scope for a theatrical stageshow. Their music and lyrics were so good that for me .. creating BJÖRN AGAIN was a must do …. anyway… it seemed that no one else was going to do it!!!”

How did you come up with the name..Björn Again?

“The name Björn Again was a joke pseudonym I dreamt up for myself in the early ’80s when I used to pretend to be an ace scandinavian skier whilst skiing with mates in the Victorian alps who had similar names Matt Sonderporch, Benny Theredonethat and Hans Danderblaus.

I thought Björn Again would make the perfect name to sum up what my new show was all about … although initially I thought Björn Again may get mistaken for some kind of religious group (which in a way…I guess it is!!!)”

What is the connection with Nirvana?

“After Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain , Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl had seen Björn Again perform in Melbourne , they were subsequently inspired to invite ‘the cult ABBA show they adored’ to appear with them at the 1992 Reading Festival.

Björn Again’s agent Paul Franklin was confident this would be a big thing to do so urged that the offer be taken up.

The whole day was just amazing from start to end. Björn Again even did a version of ‘Smells like teen spirit’ with the Nirvana guys side of stage cheering us on. Succeeding at this festival has paved the way for loads of other big events – that was a good call Paul” (that’s Paul pictured left).”

What are your favourite ABBA songs?

“I love ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ and ‘Voulez Vous’ as they are both fantastic and very funky pop songs. ‘The Winner Takes It All’ is my favourite ballad – Beautifully sung by Agnetha and amazing writing, playing and production from all the guys. Incredible how such personally heartbreaking subject matter for Agnetha and Björn turned into a number one hit.”

Do you tire of playing the same songs every night?

“Yes. I do (is the answer everyone expects!!!) However…the reality is I’ve never tired of playing ABBA’s songs. I believe they are up there with the best pop songs ever written alongside The Beatles and Queen and given the audience reaction to a Björn Again show, I can honestly say that the other performers and I always have a great time on stage.”

What is the formula to Björn Again’s success?

“In the past I’ve never disclosed what the formula to the success of Björn Again is because it is such a closely guarded secret but mainly i didn’t want to bore people to sleep. But now i can say that it can be explained mathematically…….


Björn Again equals from 1988 to 2011, the total sum of Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid’s more than twenty five prime numbers added to an infinite amount of fun and energy over 23 years multiplied by 3,500 performances in 50 Countries in the Northern Hemisphere without getting too pie-eyed.”